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What do travel writers do when they’re not travelling?

Tweet, blog, organize pics, and oh yes… write.  They waste a great deal of time wishing they were travelling, and substantial moments schmoozing through looong, luxurious lunches with PR reps of hotspots travel hacks are hoping to hit.

Such was my Monday of this week: sipping wine inside a Toronto Odeon theatre with Swiss Tourism, checking out The Most Beautiful Men of Switzerland. How lovely it would be to be a Swiss Miss! The men of that country certainly are scintillating, if this promotional vid from Swiss Tourism is legit. Check it out for yourself:

Wasn’t that lovely? Makes me want to sail straight to Switzerland!

A few other tidbits I picked up while lunching with the Swiss:

  • Dozens of Bollywood movies are filmed amid the Swiss alps. Travel through Switzerland by train, as I did last winter, and you’ll be accompanied by hundreds of Bollywood fans making pilgrimages to Switzerland.
  • 007 loves the place. Bond has conducted his capers through many parts of Switzerland. Part of Daniel Craig’s latest is shot in Basel. And of course, who can forget… Ursula Andress is the hottest Swiss Miss!
  • Charlie Chaplin lived in Switzerland… his new museum opens in Vevey in 2012.
  • Lausanne is home to the IOC’s Olympic Museum… one of the most fantastic museums ever.
  • Air Transat is launching a Montreal-Basel direct flight this summer.
  • And best yet… Swiss Rail passes will be on sale for 50% off adult fares in mid April. (Sale Price: aro $300) Plus… kids ride free.

I’ll be seeing you… in Switzerland!

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